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12-1 p.m. Daily


3-6 p.m. Wed-Fri


Chips and Salsa 5


Truffle Fries 7

Beef or Chicken Taquitos 5
3 rolled tacos served with sour cream 
and salsa add guacamole for $1


Nachos 8
tri-colored tortilla chips, pinto beans, cheese, fire 
roasted salsa. Add beef or chicken 3


Green Chile Cheese Fries 8
Shoe string fries covered in our green 
chile and melted cheese

House Garden Salad 5
Spring greens, carrot, red onion, cherry tomato
cucumber with ranch or house dressing



House Margarita 5

Bloody Mary 5

House Wines 4


Marble Drafts 4

Well Drinks 5

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